General Fund Guidelines

The Fund believes that significant social change ultimately requires broad participation in and democratic control of all social, political, and economic institutions. Historically, social conditions improve most dramatically when people organize on their own behalf, form alliances with other like-minded people & organizations, and build coalitions to confront and change the conditions that have denied them access, equity, and justice. 

The Grant Making Committee gives preference to projects that address the root causes of social, economic, environmental, and political problems.

Before applying please consider attending one of our workshops to learn more or to see if your project meets our guidelines, please see below.

We Invite Applications From Groups That:
We Do Not Fund:
  • Work against discrimination based on race, sex/gender, age, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, ethnicity, language spoken, or immigration status;
  • Political campaigns that support a candidate or a political party;
  • Advocate for the rights of workers;

  • Private (vs. public) interests;
  • Promote self-determination in low income and disenfranchised communities;

  • Direct labor organizing;
  • Work on improving the environment, especially organize a constituency usually without access to decision-makers;

  • Projects providing direct services without a social change component;
  • Operate in a democratic manner, responsive to and directed by the constituency being served

  • Direct support to individuals;

  • Building improvements; Capital ventures, i.e. office equipment, machines, or vehicles

  • Projects located outside of Santa Barbara County.